GB – #5 – Kirby’s Dreamland 2


The only Kriby game I’ve played from start to finish was Kirby’s Adventure on the NES as part of this project, and I loved it. I’ve never played any of the portable entries, Tilt ‘n’ Tumble and Block Ball not withstanding…


This looks like classic Kirby through and through, and I’m greatly looking forward to playing it! Don’t expect it should take too long either.

Day 1:


Sure enough, the game is as Kirby as it gets, though, I’m finding that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the game (I mean, come on, it’s Kirby!) it doesn’t feel as good as Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. While the game itself if all well and good, it just doesn’t feel as inspired as the last Kirby game I played.


That’s not to say there’s nothing going for it! Bosses are very fun, and the animal companions are great. I tend to stick with this angry bird guy whenever I get him, even when I’m supposed to switch to another one. Being able to fly while attacking is just too good.


I had intended to beat this one in a single sitting, but the reality is my body just can’t take staying up until 1:00am again this week! I’m stopping right after the World 4 boss, the halfway mark, and I’m enjoying myself so far. Definitely a solid game for the system.

Day 2:


Working my way through World 5 I ran into one of my favorite bosses from Kirby’s Adventure! These guys are still pretty fun, if not slightly simplified this go around.

I’m still not particularly loving this game, if only because I still think Kirby’s Adventure was superior in every way. Still, it holds up just fine.


Hated this guy the first time I fought him, hate him even more now! Once you learn his patterns he’s not particularly difficult to handle, but he always seems to get the cheapest hits off on you! Add to that the long two phase fight and this guy’s a real pain!


After I finally beat him it was the final World 7. Seven stages here, but they’re all on the short side. The auto-scrolling maze levels are among the most frustrating to play through, but all in all this castle wasn’t as bad as I was expecting!


The final encounter with King Dedede was significantly easier than in Kirby’s Adventure, while still being challenging enough to enjoy. It takes several hits, but eventually the big guy will go down, and Dreamland is saved! Or something!



I think my biggest issue with Dreamland 2 is that I’m ultimately indifferent to it. It’s a fine game, but I can’t help comparing it to the 1993 entry on the NES. I mean sure, if all you have is a Gameboy or Gameboy Color than this is the best option for Kirby on the go, but at home I’ll take Kirby’s Adventure all day long, and that’s ignoring the SNES games!

On its own merits the game is great. Controls are tight and I’d dare say their the only thing that’s better than the NES version. You have faster recovery and everything just feels tighter. The animal companions you can ride on are a nice touch, even if I never found them to be required, and the level design was plenty of fun.

All in all this is a fine game, just not one I’d recommend over other Kirby titles.


– It’s Kirby! Fantastic platforming, great music and graphics and fun level design.
– Controls are better than the NES version, allowing for even better platforming.
– 100%’ing the game unlocks an additional secret boss!
– Hamsters.


– Generally uninspired compared to its predecessor.
– Fish.

Kirbys Dreamland

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