GB – #10 – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins


The first Mario Land game from earlier in this list was my first exposure to this series, so it should go without saying that I’ve never played this one either.


I actually liked Super Mario Land, and this one looks to be even more traditional Mario, which is a good thing. I’m looking forward to playing through this one.

Day 1:


Yep, this looks and plays more like Super Mario World than it does Super Mario Land, and that’s obviously a good thing! The controls are much more precise and lend themselves well to speeding through levels and navigating tricky routes. Going into this game I had thought it was going to be a more linear experience, and was surprised ot see a world map to explore.

The world was split into six zones, each zone having two to four stages, and none of the stages felt particularly long.


Pumpkin World was the best, I mean, just look at that guy! Every world was actually very unique, even if stage design stuck mostly to tradition. In terms of difficulty, if Super Mario World was a 1, being the easiest, and Super Mario Bros was a 10, being the hardest, this game would probably rank a solid 4. This is good for a handheld game I think. Additionally, this is another one of those games where the stages are considerably more difficult than the actual bosses at the end of them!


Really love the level themes, from the Boo infested graveyards of Pumpkin World to navigating a whale’s belly in Turtle World. You even go into space!


Once you’ve completed all six worlds, it’s off to the single stage zone of Wario’s Castle…


I said the game was pretty easy all in all, and that’s true… until you reach this point. Wario’s Castle cost me 15 in game lives, and almost a controller. There’s no checkpoint here and every section of the castle is out for blood. I actually had to get up and walk away from it for a few minutes to cool off!

150717-2131.mp4_snapshot_01.44.59_[2015.07.17_15.48.01]But, like with the rest of the game, Wario himself was fairly easy. A three stage fight that had you dodging clearly choreographed attacks while landing three jumps on his head.



If for some reason the only handheld you had was an original Game Boy and you wanted a Mario game to play on the go, this recommendation comes easily. As far as controls and gameplay goes, it’s Mario through and through. Maybe not as refined as Super Mario 3 or Super Mario World, but on a Game Boy it gets the job done nicely. I was able to tear through this one in about an hour and a half, which means it should take more than a few play sessions if you choose to take this one with you while you’re out, especially since it has a save system.


– Classic Mario gameplay! This is what the first Super Mario Land should have been.
– Fun and unique worlds to play through that never felt tedious.
– Not too short and not too long, with a save system in place if you need it.


– While the controls in this game were better than in the first, they wree still on the floaty side compared to console Mario games.
– Difficulty spike between the first six world and the final stage is insane and frustrating.
– Bosses can be anticlimactic.

Super Mario Land 2

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