GB – #24 – Mario’s Picross


Never played this game before. Actually, I don’t even know what Picross is!


Seriously, what is Picross!?

Day 1:


I made a Gameboy, on a Gameboy game, being played on a Super Gameboy… Inception Boy?

So I get what Picross is now, and just looking at it I kind of assumed it was a bit like Sudoku. I like this a lot better than Sudoku actually. Puzzles are more interesting than Sudoku, and more fun and rewarding to solve. Still, this particular brand of Picross has one major flaw…


Not a flaw, necessarily, but an issue for me. Picross seems like the perfect portable game, but playing on an actual Gameboy renders all the numbers WAY to small to manage, for me.

Playing it on a TV is good fun, I played through the first eight puzzles that way, but this isn’t the kind of game I really want to be setting aside time to play.

Still, it is a really fun puzzle game, and I hope to find a version I can more easily play on the go!




Again, I’m really happy to have been introduced to this game. The puzzles are fun, not “too” difficult and feel rewarding when you complete them. It makes for a great pick up and play type of game, but unfortunately I just can’t see this one well enough to enjoy it on a handheld.


– Fun, rewarding puzzles that don’t eat up too much time.


– Numbers were too small for me to enjoy it on a handheld.

Mario's Picross

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