GB – #23 – Kirby’s Block Ball


Never played this game, but I’ve played plenty of Breakout.


I’m hoping there’s more to this game than just a Breakout clone here, and being a Kirby game I’m inclined to believe there… might be?

Day 1:


So… The game’s pretty fun!

Yes, it’s basically just Breakout, but the levels get creative enough to keep things interesting and I particularly enjoy the boss fights at the end of each stage.


My one complaint about the game is that some of the levels are designed in such a way that it can take FOREVER to get that final block and move to the next stage.


Luckily there is a save system, so I don’t have to beat it all in one sitting (I might) but as it stands I’m currently at the halfway point, and still enjoying it!

Day 2:


I was wondering with Wispy Woods would show up. Actually playing through Kirby’s Adventure has given me a bit more appreciation for a lot of this game. This boss was particularly fun, with Kirby bouncing off every projectile coming from the boss. It got pretty hectic, but definitely fun.


The game never really changes from stage to stage, with each level just getting more and more ridiculous. Sometimes it’s fun, but other times it feels like you’re just waiting and waiting for the ball to finally find its way through that tiny gap to hit that last random block you need to clear the stage.


To get the “real” final boss of the game you have to meet a highscore barrier on every level. I did not do this, and am content to call this my final boss. Another fun one, and a good way to end my time with Kirby’s Block Ball.



I enjoyed my time with Kirby’s Block Ball, though I think it felt like it may have overstayed its welcome just a tad. A lot of that has to do with my playing it from start to finish in just a couple sittings though. As far as Breakout clones go, I really can’t think of a better one at the moment. A lot of the levels were a bit annoying in their layout, making them feel like they went on just a bit too long, but on the whole I found this game very enjoyable.

I think this is mostly due to the game’s mascot. Having Kirby flying around the screen, bashing into familiar enemies all to the tune of classic Kirby music felt great. The bonus stages were all interesting, and the boss fights were easily the highlight of the game, even if they were a bit on the easy side. All in all, this was a very fun little game.


– The Kirby theme and styling was fantastic.
– Breakout is fun in general, and this was a great version of it, especially on the go.
– Boss fights were fun and interesting, even if they often ended too soon.
– Save slots meant you could work through the game’s ten stages at your own pace.


– Some levels were a bit annoying, and required you just wait and wait and wait while they ball found its way through that one tiny gap to hit that last remaining block.
– Sometimes losing your power-up could mean future stages in that level would take ages to finish.

Kirbys Block Ball

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