GB – #26 – Dr. Mario


Played the NES version, recently in fact. Never played on the handheld.


It’s Dr. Mario. I imagine it’ll be just like the NES version… minus color.

Day 1:


Yep, it’s Dr. Mario all right. This game feels a lot harder than the NES version, both due to having many more viruses in play at a time, and because the lack of proper colors makes differentiating them


Aside from that, it’s identical to it’s console cousin.


There’s really not much to say about the Gameboy version that wasn’t said about the NES version. If you really need your 8-bit Dr. Mario fix on the go I suppose this is a decent enough way of doing it, thoughboth of the GBA versions are much more fun, particularly because you won’t be attributing mistakes to color confusion. The Gameboy version does a good enough job and differentiating the virus types without using actual color, but when you’re as blind as I am it’s just not quite enough.


– Just like the NES version, more or less.
– Same great music.


– Hard to tell different viruses apart.
– Game feels much more difficult that the NES version.

Dr Mario

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