GB – #29 – Wario Blast Featuring Bomberman


Played Bomberman games, never actually played a Wario game. Pretty sure this will be more Bomberman than Wario though.


I have no idea, really. I think I’m getting a Bomberman game with Wario in it, but you just never know with Nintendo!

Day 1:


So that tends to happen a lot…

I was right in that this game is Bomberman through and through with a dash of Wario, which is fine. It was fun enough, but extremely repetitive, even with the various power-ups and boss fights throughout the game.


When it comes down to it, Bomberman is Bomberman, no matter how many spins you put on it. While that’s not a problem per se it’s just not the kind of game I can play for more than a minute at a time.


You play against an increasing number of opponents, trying to blow them up or get them to do it for you, in an attempt to win two out of three games per round. Every world has three rounds, then a boss, and after every boss you get a new ability like kicking bombs, laying bomb rows, or getting a motorcycle that can jump over certain blocks.

That’s all well and good, but every level still plays out exactly the same: Get more bombs, bigger bombs, then start dropping and kicking bombs hoping that all the AI opponents will slip up and walk into one. Twice. Per round.



Wario Blast is all and all a fun game to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time. There’s nothing inherently wrong with, and it plays really well. Much better than the NES version anyway. The password system makes it easy to save your progress moving through the game if you’re so inclined. Still, I’m sure there’s better portable alternatives.


– Games were quick and easy to start and stop.
– Wario fit in very nicely to the Bomberman formula.
– Short passwords made continuing where you left off fairly painless.
– Power-ups and stage obstacles added some variation to the game.
– Boss fights were generally fun.


– Despite the aforementioned variations to the game, playing it for more than quick sessions proved repetitive.
– Not a ton of strategy available in taking out your opponents.

Wario Blast

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