NES – #9 – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!


I feel like I’ve possibly picked this game up once or twice, but not in any capacity that I can actually remember doing so…


I’ve heard nothing but good things about pretty much every game in this series, and I’m really excited to give it a go. It sounds like my type of game.

Day 1:


I actually got some play time in the night prior, just to try it out. Turns out, it’s a ton of fun!

My stopping point that night was Piston Honda, as I just couldn’t figure out how to deal with his barrage attack he’d use during the fight. It clicked just as I was rolling up the controller, that blocking is faster than dodging and that was probably what I was supposed to do.

The next night I gave it a more focused attempt. I had to look up what the stars I was earning were for, and knowing I had access to an uppercut was really helpful. With that I was able to take out Hinda and move on to the next bracket.


I know, I know, quite the achievement. Seeing Mac hear almost makes me regret selling my Little Mac Amiibo, of course Nintendo in general has managed to make me regret buying them in the first place, but that’s a rant for another day…


The iconic King Hippo fight. This was actually a lot of fun, going from somewhat hopeless to finally figuring out how to break his defense, then getting the timing down to actually do it. Not very satisfying though, only took one trip to the mat for me to get the win.


Then this happened… I only just started getting a handle on guarding against this guy but it was too late. Game over and time for bed.

I’m enjoying this game a lot, and I can easily see how someone would want to sit down and dedicate the time to mastering it. I’m not sure that someone is me though. Still it’s a great pick up and play game and I plan on picking it up and playing it more!

Day 2:


Another night of taking punches to the face! I managed to get the last guy pretty well mastered, I can even block all the attacks in his magic spinning hyper fists of death move. Beating him takes me to Bald Bull.


Man that dude freaks me out…

It didn’t end well, as I couldn’t find a good way of beating him. I even played up to that point in the game three more times and couldn’t do it. I was able to knock him down, avoid all his attacks, even get some stars from him, but in the end it just wasn’t happening.

I think this game’s about run its course with me. It was a fun distraction but for me I don’t see it being much more than that.


Like I said, I can easily see someone, somewhere, wanting to sit down and master this game. For me, it’s more of a light distraction, light Excitebike or Dr. Mario. It’s a game I’ll happily pick up again in the future until I’ve had my fill but it’s also one of those games where if I play it too much, the fun starts wearing off quickly. The game is very fun. It handles extremely well, as it must, and the graphics and sounds are a lot of fun. Every fight starts off like a puzzle, and after you’ve figured out how to handle it, it’s a matter of executing. It’s really rewarding to go from not being able to figure out an opponent, to getting a flawless victory on him. My only complaint is that some mechanics are just a bit too obtuse and, for example, if I never looked it up online I’d of never known that I could throw an uppercut with Start. Still, it’s a very minor detraction from the overall fun I had with this game!


– Tight, fast controls made me feel like all mistakes were completely on me.
– Opponents are fantastic and fun to fight against.
– The between round screens can be hilarious.
– Learning the game was extremely rewarding.


– I understand it’s a product of the era, but a little clarification or direction from the game could have gone a long way.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

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