NES – #16 – R.C. Pro-Am

Definitely remember seeing this one at the video stores, but never actually played it.

I’m honestly a bit concerned… I loved Micro Machines but Cobra Triangle was a major kick to the pants. Still, maybe without the shooting gallery arcade game weirdness I’m hoping this will at least be decent.

Day 1:


I hate games that take away elements of the screen when you pause. Really makes me reconsider getting a screen capture device…

Not much to say in way of playthrough. I raced some races, drove some cars, won some, lost some… I played through the game five times before finally calling it quits.


So, it’s better than Cobra Triangle, so there’s that. I didn’t hate RC Pro Am, I’ll get that out of the way. I actually had some fun playing it. Did I “16th best NES game” enjoy it? No, not even slightly. How this got rated higher than Micro Machines I’ll never know. It’s actually really strange for me, given how much I LOVE future Rare games, how much I dislike their early entries.

The game handled well enough, and I can’t complain about the weirdness in driving controls since you’re supposed to be racing RC cars here. The courses all felt extremely similar just with different boost, water, oil, weapon, wall, etc. layouts. I will say the game was actually impressive graphically. Very little flickering and very smooth framerates. The sound was grating though, my wife, cats and ears all complained. All in all I found it to be “okay”, but definitely inferior to the similar Micro Machines.


– Good graphics, fine controls.
– Not not fun.
– Better than Cobra Triangle.


– Horrible sound effects.
– Nothing special in the gameplay department, definitely not better than other entries in the genre for the NES.


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