GB – #36 – Revelations: The Demon Slayer

Never heard of this one! I know of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise but aside from Persona 3 and 4 I’ve never actually played an entry.

It’s an Atlus RPG. I expect nothing but amazingness, which is a word.

Day 1:


I’m, like, 98% sure I’m mispronouncing that weapon name…

In any case, the game has made a solid first impression with a working battery so I’m already pretty happy. With Tite Sword in hand I go about exploring the small town I find myself in, stumbling across the weapon, armor and item shops, and eventually triggering a monster attack that lets me leave town and start fighting.


ZOMG! Teh game speaks Internet! We’re gonna get along just fine…

Combat feels solid and it only takes a couple fights before I gain my first level. I was both surprised and delighted to see stat point distributions when you do level. Eventually, one of the monsters wanted to stop and have a chat!


lolwut? Yes, I’m going to 4chan the CRAP out of this post if I can help it!


Not at all what I was expecting but hey, I’m down. Already a more interesting monster collection RPG than Dragon Warrior Monsters ever hoped to be. It was also nice to see, at least for now, death means losing some money and getting sent back to the Inn.


Even nicer? The game lets you save anywhere! I think this should be mandatory for any handheld game. Unfortunately that’s what I need to do as the midnight hour draws near.

I’m cautiously optimistic right now. I want to start screaming about how much I already love this game but I’ve been burned too many times before with this console.

Cautiously. Optimistic.

Day 2:

Played for my entire lunch hour and I’m still happy with this one. I actually spent the whole hour farming for cash, which netted me a few levels along the way. I dropped a grand on new armor, and between that and a few points in Endurance I got to the point where even the stronger enemies in the area couldn’t hurt me.


I’m still not really sure what the overarching story is, but I did do a quest to retrieve some holy water to bring down a barrier surrounding a city where there, presumably, lives a doctor who can cure some dude I know I’m going to get in my party because I had to assign a name to said dude in the beginning of the game.

I got the water, but then just kept grinding.


I’m not sure at what point something inside me broke and I started to think it was okay to nonstop kill monsters to get money to buy weapons that I probably shouldn’t be able to afford at any given stage of a game… but that’s what happened. Just as my lunch was ending I picked up my Kintal Sword and tested it on some unsuspecting monsters. My average damage went from about 18 to around 60!

With that I packed it in and went back to my desk. Can’t wait to see what actually happens next in the game though!

Day 3:

Played in bed so no pics this time.

I think I’m sort of starting to understand the story. I just graduated Knight School when my town was attacked by monsters. Our town’s greatest warrior rushed off to rescue the children captured by the monsters, and I was tasked with supplying backup… just after I checked in at the temple in Remilia (?). Checking in there I learn that both their warrior is sick, and the village to the east, Arrow, is taken over by monsters who put up a magic barrier.

Incidentally, there’s a doctor in Arrow who can cure the Remilian warrior. To bring down the barrier I must travel to a spring in the south to get some magic water. Upon doing so, the barrier fell, the monsters died, and that Remilian, Kishe, was saved. So grateful was he that he joined me on my quest.

I spent the better part of the night leveling and gearing Kishe.

Once able, we went to the mountain to aid that warrior from Home Town only to find he had failed. We picked up the slack and saved the kids. The priests (?) back in Remilia informed us the monsters were after some Orb, and that I need to find the source of these monsters. Also now I’m simultaneously playing two RPG’s about @#%$ing ORBS!

I now find myself in another town trying to save a girl named Uranus.

I started getting a bit burnt out on all the grinding, but forcing myself to learn what was actually going on with the story, and also actually play the story, fixed that. Still having fun!

Day 4:

Took a while, but I finally found time to pick up the game again.

I’ve been informed that there’s a tree branch or something in the town of Ramuh that can save the girl I’m trying save. After exploring the surrounding area, recruiting an angry dragon beast into my party, and bending a bit of reality, I finally make it to this town. Unfortunately, they’re in a bit of a spot and need my help recovering their sacred orb for them.

That’s where I told them I’d get to it, saved, and went back to work.

As I play through this game I’m finding myself becoming less and less interested in it. A lot of this has to do with the never changing landscapes: Every town, shrine, temple, inn, shop, mountain, dungeon, etc looks just like the one before it. On top of that, ever town seems to have the same predicament: Monsters are invading our town/another town/stole a thing… please fix. I may try playing it on the Gamecube later, see if a bigger screen helps, but I’m just not sure I’m feeling it much anymore.

Day 5:

I gave Revelations another hour of my day today, and I think it’s time I moved on. I just don’t feel at all compelled to continue playing.


Revelations: The Demon Slayer stays close to a traditional RPG formula and I really don’t have any issues with that. For all intents and purposes the game plays fairly well. Combat, despite being void of any animation, feel fast and fun. My real issue with the game is that the story starts off really weak (You’re a demon slayer, go slay demons!) and doesn’t really do a good job of picking things up. There are far too many towns and temples on the map, and every one of them looks, sounds and feels exactly the same. This, on top of the dull story, makes the game feel like it’s dragging on far longer than it probably is.

The monster capture system feels really tacked on and out of place for me. When I fail to recruit a monster I don’t feel like I’ve actually missed out on anything, and when I do get one in my party, it proves to be completely useless compared to my main characters. Add to that smaller quirks like tiny personal inventories, poorly laid out menus and the practical requirement to grind out levels and gold until you can afford the best possible gear before moving on, and the existing issues just become all the more problematic.

Revelations isn’t an awful game, it’s just not one that compels me to play it.


– Fast, fun combat made the grind feel less grindy.
– Nice art style


– Shallow, generic story. At least that’s what was conveyed in the first few hours of the game.
– Limited tilesets make every location feel similar to the last.
– Never felt the want to play with volume on.
– Game is too difficult unless you spend time farm gold to buy the best possibly gear at any stage in the game.
– Monster recruitment feels awkward and unnecessary.
– Game didn’t feel like it had a good flow between objectives and places, contributing to the stop and grind aspects.
– Smaller UI issues like a clunky menu and tiny personal inventories.

Revelations Demon Slayer

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