GB – #39 – DuckTales

Ironically, the first time I played DuckTales was on the NES for this project!

I’m hoping for a lighter, more succinct version of the NES version, something more suited for handheld. If that ‘s what I get, I’ll be happy.

Day 1:

I finally got around to spending some quality time with this game and immediately notice how different the levels are from their NES counterparts. Everything’s a bit more… claustrophobic, which seems typical for Gameboy platformers.



The little bit I played before work was enough time to clear through the first level, which is a fair bit easier than the same level on the NES.

Later that night…

I got some more play time in the evening during a large file move I was doing for work. No sense just staring at progress bars all night. I found this…


This is from the second level. Why did I take a picture of it? I entered this hallway from the left, where I simply pogo’d down those light blocks, jumping on top of them. To the right is a dead end. Returning left the blocks respawn, only the game doesn’t give you enough clearance to jump above them…

So after resetting the damn game and clearing the first level again, I remembered not to go down that way and was able to beat Transylvania.


Some frustrating platforming in level 3 prompted a game over, and I was done for the night. So far I’m pretty underwhelmed with this. They actually managed to improve the pogo-cane mechanics but the levels themselves are very lackluster, and at time very frustrating.

Day 2:

I played for about half my lunch break before screaming at my GBA and throwing it back into my pocket.

Later in the evening I decided to finally make use of that Super Gameboy that’s kind of been collecting dust and give the game a real shot.



Indeed, Mr. McDee. Indeed.

So once I got passed the cheesy gaps in the Amazon and Underground Mine, and avoided the Game Resetting Wall of Doom in Transylvania, the rest of the game was fairly easy, save being forced to damage glitch through a wall on the Moon to avoid resetting.


The final boss was actually a lot harder in this version than on the NES as he didn’t stick around as long for you to jump on him. After a bit of back and forth, and a health refill, he went down, I went up, and the rich became richer!


Those eyes!!!

This game actually handled just a bit better than the NES version, especially the pogo-cane mechanics. I liked how I was able to blow through the whole thing in just about 10 minutes once I had the levels figured out, and for a Gameboy game it looked and sounded really good.

I feel like this game wasn’t thought out particularly well in the level design department. I encountered more than one way to get completely stuck with no other option than to reset. Also, some of the jumping sections didn’t make it particularly clear how you were supposed to handle them.

Play it Again?
Probably not, I just have better platformers on the Gameboy to choose from. I may get the urge to play this game one day, just because of how short it is, but it’s not at the top of my list or anything.


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