GB – #40 – Kirby Tilt ‘n Tumble

My history with Kirby would’t actually start until I was around 12 and played Kirby Super Star at a family member’s house, but ever since then I’ve loved the series. Still, I never went to go play any games before that one, this one included.

Looks fun enough, and I enjoyed Super Monkey Ball. My concern is whether or not I’ll be able to play it on my GBA SP, or if I’ll end up having to bust out the GBC.

Day 1:

Sure enough the SP was a problem, and playing on the GBC was difficult on my blind eyes.


Not only that, but man, playing this game “flat” is killer on my neck! My options are to either deal with, spend $20 on a GBC Gameshark I’ll only use for this one game, shell out for a modded backlit GBA classic, or put it in my Gamecube and roll the console around like an idiot…

That said, what I did play of the game was reasonably fun, so I’ll give it best effort.

Day 2:

I managed to get in some lunch time play, and you wouldn’t believe how strangely coworkers will looks at you for tilting and weaving a Gameboy with a bright pink cartridge inside!

In any case, I did play it, and I think my number one biggest issue with the game is that it’s actually quite good! Why is that an issue? Because playing it is quite horrible!


My GBC has a front light mod, which serves to make gaming on it just barely tolerable, and also prove just how terrible the front light was to begin with. The actual tilting mechanics work incredibly well, but flicking the Gameboy to make Kirby jump is incredibly awkward and almost impossible to control properly. I’ve taken to tapping on the back of the cartridge to get the desired effect, but it still means moving the console in awkward ways and taking your eyes off the action.


I made it to Level 2 and had to stop. Not because I wasn’t enjoying the game, or because it was too hard, but because my neck was cramping up. This game just seems to cause so many forms of discomfort, which is really unfortunate because it’s actually a pretty decent game!

There are 8 levels in Tilt ‘n Tumble and I’m going to try my best to (slowly) work my way through all of them, even if that means I can only physically handle one per day!

Day 3:

Well, I’ve been trying to play this game off and on for a few days now, and it’s just not happening. It’s not the game play, that part’s great, but rather the physical implications. I just can’t play this game comfortably enough to enjoy it for more than a minute at a time…

The game in general! I actually did have a lot of fun when I was able to play it. The sensor was surprisingly responsive, the graphics were pretty great, and even the digitized voice bits were fun.

The jumping mechanic meant flipping your Gameboy up and losing site of the screen briefly, which even under the best circumstances wasn’t fun. Being unable to play on a GBA SP meant requiring a good light source, and with my photosensativity playing in direct sunlight SUCKED. After a few minutes of holding the console flat, my next began killing me.

Play it Again?
If I ever get my hands on a backlit GBA Classic this will be the first game I play on it.

Personal Score:
I didn’t play enough of this one to justify a score, but here goes anyway, based on the first level…

Kirby Tilt and Tumble

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