NES – #25 – Bubble Bobble

Another game I’d probably seen a million times as a kid and never played. What I did play a metric TON of though was Bust-A-Move in the arcades.

When I first got this game, my cousin and I played a bit of it and had NO idea what was going on. Now that I’ve done just a tiny bit of research, I know what I’m supposed to do, and it actually looks really fun! Making it all the way to level 99 though? We’ll see…

Night 1:


Understanding it is one thing. “Getting it” is another entirely.

I played up to lv30, and every stage had me thinking, “Why am I doing this?” The game, to me, just wasn’t clicking. I gave it about an hour and a half to try to grab and it just kept missing.

Right, blow bubbles at the guys, eat the fruits, drink the martini, pop the bubbles, next stage, blow bubbles, eat fruits, pop lightning, ride water slide… Ever level makes it harder to reach the guys, or makes the guys do different things. I understand what the game wants me to do, I just don’t see the incentive.

I’m sure the game is fun for some people, probably more so back then than now. I am not those people.

That damn music. It looped over and over and over and I never got sick of it. Some of the levels made me laugh.

Level design was awkward in the sense that it was never clear where you could actually jump to, walk through, etc. The gravity and physics in the game are completely bizarre, and I never knew how my character was going to jump or fall, making jumping around extremely tedious.

Play it Again?
Probably not, unless someone really wants to fire up multiplayer. I just didn’t find this one fun.

NES-Bubble Bobble

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