NES – #28 – Excitebike

It actually wasn’t until I played Excitebike 64 that I went back for the original. I loved Excitebike 64 actually, and after unlocking the NES game I ended up loving the original just the same.

Well, it’s not the most complicated game. I expect I’ll have a few minutes of fun before getting bored and moving on to Bomberman?

Night 1:

wpid-20150302_224907.jpgJust like I remembered… The game’s still fun and I played through all the courses in the Selection B mode where you race with CPU assholes opponents in addition to trying to beat the clock.


It’s just good old fashioned arcade fun! It’s exactly the kind of game you pick up for a few minutes to have  some fun with then put away until the itch resurfaces. The game is simple to learn and rewarding to master.

No battery, so the course editor is useless. Maybe Nintendo will port the Famicom Disk System over to the US soon…


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