NES – #27 – Bomberman

I’ve never actually played either the NES or SNES versions of Bomberman. My first exporsure to the game was Bomberman 64, and while the single player mode in that game was radically different, the multiplayer was standard issue Bomber Man. As time went on, I’d pick up the PSN version and subsequently never play it…

Not sure really. I mean, it’s Bomberman, so I know it won’t be bad, but I’m really not sure what to expect in trying to beat the game, or if it can actually be beaten or not.

Night 1:


Yep, that’s Bomberman alright. It actually took me a little while before I actually realized what it was I was supposed to be doing. I thought it was to kill every enemy in the stage, then I thought it was to find the door… then I realized it was both!


I didn’t realize Enix made the game…

Having only reached Stage 3 tonight I can tell I’m already getting tired of this game. I’ve found additional bomb drops, firepower increases, detonator bombs, et al, but I’m just not really feeling this one. I just checked GameFAQs and saw that there’s 50+ stages in this game… I’m not seeing that happening.

Night 2:



I gave this game another 45 minutes of my life, it shall have no more!

The music was pretty awesome. Despite the same track looping over and over I never got tired of it. At it’s core it’s the same Bomberman I’ve always had fun with, even if I have to squint to see it.

The game is just slow and frustrating, and at no point in the last two nights did I ever think, hey, this is kinda fun! Nope, not once. The “Find the Door” minigame feels superfluous on top of the already difficult actual game. Killing enemies involves far too much luck than skill and as a result, deaths can feel very cheap.


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