GB – #43 – Street Fighter Alpha

I grew up playing Street Fighter II. The slow original one. Not Turbo, not Super Street Fighter… I remember renting the SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha one time, and never again. Since then I’ve owned every SF game from 3rd Strike on the Dreamcast to Ultra Street FIghter IV on the PS3. Never mind all the quarters I’ve sunk into it in various arcades…

Honestly? Low. I don’t see how such a technical fighting game is supposed to work with only two buttons. This is GBC, so there’s no even shoulder buttons, just A and B. That said, I’d like to be surprised!

Night 1:

Well… That went by fast…


I’m not really sure what to say here. The options this game provides are limited to Arcade and Training. Pausing brings up a menu so I can take any decent screenshots aside from this one from Training mode…


Surprisingly, the game played REALLY well. It’s not deep by any stretch, but characters handled exactly like you’d expect them to. Controls actually felt pretty streamlined, and picking the game up for a few quick brawls felt really great. Great enough for me to actually play through all of Arcade mode anyway!

Okay, so this one was a lot better than expected, especially for a GBC game. That said, there really isn’t all that much here. If I really wanted a portable fighter I have the PSP, and outside of the novelty of seeing such a decent interpretation of Street Fighter on the GBC, there’s really no compelling reason for me to keep playing this one.

Play it Again?
I can see myself pulling this one off the shelf from time to time, but probably not fo rmore than a few minute at a time.

Street Fighter Alpha

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