NES – #33 – Cobra Triangle

Nope! Never heard of this one either. It makes me think of Tropic Thunder when they smoked GORILLA PANIC!

It “sounds” fun. I mean it’s described as RC Pro Am with guns and boats and it’s made by Rare which used to mean something. That’s basically all I can hope for.

Night 1:

What a stupid game!

Okay, bad way to start a post, I’m better than this… okay…

No! This is the dumbest @#$%ing game I’ve played so far this entire project!!! And it’s #33!? Faxanadu, Batman, Super C, Battletoads, Chip n’ Dale… All ranked LOWER than this steaming pile of boat wreckage! GameRadar, you have failed this city project!


Is it me? Am I missing something? I get it. It’s an arcade game, all about the score. There’s no story, no real objective, just a skill based game that gets progressively harder the longer you. The better you do, the higher your name goes on the high score list. Fine. That’s fine, no issues there at all. My issue is the game itself.

The controls are just barely okay. Maybe I’d say they were pretty good, but I’ve played Micro Machines! No, the controls are okay, mostly, they’re mostly okay… sometimes…  The upgrade system is a complete cluster, I had to look it up online just to figure out how to use it. Hit detection is terrible. The challenges you’re performing are just the dumbest things…

I didn’t care for this game.


I don’t know what it is about this one that turned me off so bad. It just felt like a mashing of bad ideas done badly. I guess, from a technical standpoint compared to other games released in 1988 it was fairly well made, but from a gameplay perspective I found no enjoyment from this game. I played through it five times, making it as far as Stage 8, and hated every minute of it. At first I was like, oh, okay, it’s like Wario Ware for the NES twenty years before Wario Ware, I can dig that! I did not dig it…

Play it Again?
Probably. I’ll probably see this game on the shelf several months from now and think, hey, why didn’t I like that game again? I’ll slap it in the NES and remember…

Cobra Triangle

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