NES – #34 – Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

I believe that this is the first game on the list I actually frequently played (and owned!) as a child. I loved this game as a kid, never beat it, but always loved playing it. Whether alone, or co-op with my brother or cousin, this game was a blast. I wouldn’t learn until much MUCH later that this was a Capcom title, which helps explain my adoration for the game. That said, I don’t remember ever getting passed the third or fourth stage.

I know exactly what to expect as far as gameplay goes. What will be interesting is to see if I’ll finally be able to beat it. Either way, I’m looking at a fun platforming experience that “shouldn’t” be Mega Man level difficult.

Night 1:

My chipmunk of choice was obviously Dale. Not only is he clearly more interested in Gadget than Harrison Ford wannabe Chip, but he’s rockin’ the Hawaiian shirt, which is always the correct option.


I cleaned out the first level nice and quickly. I had recently learned that by holding down B you can actually catch Red Rubber Boss Ball which was kinda mind blowing, and extremely useful. Second level was just as easy.


I believe that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten!

Stage F is where things got a little Mega Man on me.


Those blocks even make the same sound as the ones in Megnet Man’s level! This stage taught me a lot about crazy hit boxes and timings, and I think I lost more lives on this short stage than any other. Spoiler, I got game over on the final level, and my second time through this stage was an absolute breeze. I can be taught!


Part of me kind of hoped that this was actually the last level, but I should have know better. The stage was much harder than the boss, who had a magic safe zone that I could stand in and deal damage while all his attacks would miss me.


Naturally, not over. Over that we Dr Wiley’d away to the final island. Which immediately proved more difficult than the early stages.


I had a lot of stupid deaths here, mostly due to impatience. My second run through would be much smoother. The crabs were easy enough to avoid, but those damn flying squirrels got me every time!

Luckily this stage had no boss, and it was on to the next.


The second to last stage was really easy once I figured out how to handle the pelicans, but the boss actually caused me some issues. Even on my second playthrough he managed to kill me. I finally caught on that his separation attack thing was based on a timer and not damage, so I was able to start getting in multiple hit before I took damage, and he went down quickly.

Final stage…


Yep, game is officially BS now… Actually those axes are probably the easiest part of the level and it’s usually those gun toting weasels who do me in. My first playthrough had me get my final game over with the boss room in view… Second attempt had me blow through this level with no deaths and engage Fat Cat for the final confrontation!


I can haz cigarz? The final boss shoots cigar ash out of his cigar in five different directions, but it’s a set pattern, so it should be easy to avoid. Turns out, I’m incapable of avoiding easy patterns. I use two of my many, many lives on this boss and he goes down just as easily as the rest!


This game was actually a LOT easier than I remember it being, while still being just difficult enough to be interesting. I had a lot of fun actually playing all the way through it, and I think my kids will enjoy it as well soon. It makes a really nice intermediary game between easier platformers and certain other Capcom games…

Play it Again?
Maybe. If someone wants to play co-op, or with my kids. Personally I still prefer other similar games but I can see myself pulling this down from time to time in the future.

NES-Chip n Dale

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