GB – #49 – F1 Race

While I have extensively little experience with any games from this console, I did play a lot of Pole Position in the local arcade. That’s something, right?

I’m certainly not expecting Mario Kart here, but I don’t imagine it can be that bad.

Night 1:

Well, as soon as I started it up my first thought was indeed, yes, this is Pole Position. I was struggling with this game a bit at first, and by a bit I mean a lot… then I found the boost button!


As you can see I was able to beat the second course of the game! Go me! After that, I beat the third course! Huzzah! After that… hours of frustration. The game is making it impossible for me to progress, demanding pixel perfect precision which I’m simply not inclined to give it. I’ve seen what this game has to show me…

Well this came as a bit of a surprise. On one hand, I was delighted to see how decent of a racing game was available on the Gameboy in it’s early years. Seeing the game at rest was reminiscent of a crappy Game and Watch title, but as soon as the cars were put in motion I felt like I was back at the arcade playing one of my favorite games. Unfortunately, the game is so unfair in its difficulty curve, it makes me simply not want to play it anymore, which is a real shame. I want to like this game, and when it’s not spanking me I did enjoy it. But, I hit one curve for a split second or don’t activate my jet at precisely the right time, and there’s no chance I’m progressing.

Play it Again?
No! Well, maybe. When I need that Pole Position itch scratched I may pull it off the shelf, but if I’m in the mood for a good handheld racer, there’s always any iteration of Mario Kart.

F1 Race

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