NES – #46 – Ice Hockey

While I never really liked sports games, for some reason I always had fun with hockey. Also, in the 90’s (and any decade before and after) air hockey was probably the best thing ever, so, there’s that. This game though? Never played it.

After R.B.I. Baseball I’m deciding it’s best not to have any…

Pre-Game Thoughts:
From the screenshots I’ve seen I think this may actually be fun. Here’s to hoping!

Night 1:

Yep, this definitely feels like an early Nintendo game. The sprites, the music, hell, the pause sound is lifted straight form Super Mario! Right away the game makes more sense to me than RBI did, despite the fact that I actually really don’t know anything about hockey aside from the objective. First up is teams. I pick USA (‘MURCA!) and choose to play again Poland… no particular reason.


My immediate thought is that, hey, this is pretty fun! Unfortunately, I quickly realize how much the controls are fighting against me. Aside from scoring a few goals that I had no idea how I actually made, I’m really not feeling it.

wpid-20150124_153416.jpgI did lose against Poland, but I lost 2-3 so hey. The game is so chaotic that I really had no idea what I was doing, only what I wanted to do, and the game seemed dead set on not allowing that to happen. I figured out how to switch active players, but that felt very random. I had to hope and pray that I’d switch to the player nearest the puck, and god forbid when I pass there’s someone their to receive. Worse yet, my AI players seemed to actually run away from the puck most of the time!

I decided to give it another go, for science. This time I picked Canada.

wpid-20150124_153948.jpgLook, I’m already blind, and this is just unfair. As you can guess this game was even more of a mess than the last one. No fun.

Ugh… I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I had MORE fun playing RBI than I did this game. Controls are a mess, the only game option is one player or two, and the AI is worse than terrible. It’s starting to sound like I hate sports games, but I’m really hoping things get better once I leave the 80’s.

Play it Again?
Nope! Unless someone looks at the shelf and goes, hey, let’s play Ice Hockey! To that I shall respond by sighing heavily, and comply.

NES-Ice Hockey

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