NES – #50 – R.B.I. Baseball

  Never played this game in my life. Sure I’ve seen it a thousand times and never thought to pick it up.

I am… Not a sports guy. The one Baseball game I ever played on the NES was with robots. It was bad. The best part was charging the mound and starting robot baseball fights.

Pre-Game Thoughts:
The only baseball game I’ve ever watched, I’ll never forget it… It was bottom of the 9th, 3rd down. Neither team had scored since halftime. The batter on 4th only needed one more goal to make the winning play after the other team’s sweeper was put in the penalty box for travelling. This one point would mean the difference between a humiliating defeat, and a perfect 300…

I think they were on broomsticks…

Night 1:

Choosing my team. NV vs CA, that’s Nevada vs California right? Asking for pitcher… Crap. Gooden it is. Oh that’s NY not NV. Guess I’m playing as the Yankees? For the sake of completion I’m going to try to sit in for an entire nine game series, first game being against California. The controls are simple enough, and CA destroys me before I really get a chance to enjoy the game.

I’m just going to speed through the rest of my experience here…

Round 2 against, I think, Baltimore? Was better, still lost 3 to 14 but actually got to see the game. Better pitcher than batter, everything I hit seems to go into the stands

Round 3 Detroit. Started out so good… then the game woke up…


Trounced by MN in Round 4, which I assume is mutant ninjas, because that’s what they are. 0-10

Hawaii rocked me like a hurricane in Round 5. four rounds to go… On no wait, that’s Ho, as in Houston. This game needs better fonts!

Round 6, lost to Mordor. Dammit!

Round 7 against San Francisco. So close! Just could stay ahead of the 49ers…


Round 8 goes to Amsterdam

I would later learn that the Round 9 team, Na, was Nationals… I honestly couldn’t care less at this point…

Post-Game Thoughts:
Well, I did, I played through nine rounds of this game. I forgot to take a screenshot but it all just kind of ended with a whimper. Now, I didn’t rush through this game, I really didn’t, but it took me about an hour to finish the season, and it was a long hour.

It’s not all bad. While I can’t really say I had fun with this game, it did make me interested in trying newer baseball titles like MLB The Show on the PS4. I also like that by the end of the season I had a better handle on the game as a whole. I eventually learned where all my outfielders stood making playing the field easier and more fun. I started picking up on certain pitching nuances. Batting is still a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Once I got comfortable with the arcade controls, they really started to feel good.

That said, I found myself screaming at my players in frustration throughout almost the entire game, and scoring felt me like a relief than an achievement most of the time. Sure, getting double and triple plays felt good when it happened, but the whole things feels too random, not to mention I have to hope and pray my guys throw the ball where I tell them to.

  Sadly, this game didn’t do it for me, and I think it’ll be warming the shelf for a long while.

RBI Baseball

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