GB – #50 – Pokemon Trading Card Game

  I think I played this once on an emulator for like, five minutes. I remember the UI being very crowded and little else.

I love the Pokemon TCG. I played a little of the cardboard version and now find myself playing a lot of the PC version. I kind of expect playing to feel similar to playing one of those old, old Magic: The Gathering PC games from, I think, MicroProse?

Pre-Game Thoughts:
I don’t actually know if this game has a proper “ending” like the regular Pokemon games. If it does then great, if not I’ll be making a best effort to collect all the cards. Gotta have that foil Blastoise!

Night 1:


Wow, we only just met and this game peering straight into my soul.

Ugh, tutorials… Yeah, the UI is cramped and crowded and nowhere no as friendly as, say, the Yugioh games for GBA, but after playing through the tutorial I’m finding it agreeable. Naturally I chose the Squirtle deck and now I’m free to actually play the game! Looks like there’re various “gyms” to play at so it looks I’ll have a proper ending to this game after all. Yay goals!

Man… Ronald’s a dick.

Yeah, pro tip, check your deck before playing your first round. Horribly energy screw lead to me losing my first match. Too tired to fix it tonight. This feels like it’s going to make for a good lunch time game at the office, but I think at home I’ll try to play it on the Super Gameboy. This game has the tiniest text possible!

Night 2:

Finally get back this since the brief addiction that was Faxanadu. I’ve only won one game out of the three or four I’ve played, and I’m getting a bit frustrated with how RNG everything is with my currently limited card pool. The starter deck is just AWFUL. That said, I’m still having some fun because, hey, it’s still the Pokemon TCG, which is awesome. I was at least able to trim the starter down from a triple type to a double, and hopefully soon either a better double, or just straight water. I forgot how unbalanced this game was back when it was new! Kinda love it…


Spent the night playing on the recliner while the wife played Chrono Cross. I take back all the nice things I said earlier, I am SO BORED with this game. I mean it’s fun but it’s just so tedious. The pacing in the game is just so slow, and I still haven’t been able to put together a reasonably consistent deck. Also the broken coin mechanics are getting really old. You just couldn’t make coin flips random? Ugh… 3 hours in, expecting several more to go.

Night 3:

Admittedly, I didn’t get to play this game as much as I’d have liked, hopefully I’ll get some time during my lunch tomorrow, and at some point during the evening as well. At this point I’m really just farming booster packs to build either a Blastoise Rand Dance deck, or a Wigglytuff deck. Nope, no issues with net decking here!

At the very least, I did finally get to actually play the guy for the first time!


Night 4:

I played for more or less my entire lunch break and found something amazing: I could have sworn I checked before but for whatever reason I only just now found the text speed and animation skip settings! The bad news is that I’m still spending all my time grinding boosters, the good news is I’m now doing twice as fast! Still working on fleshing out an archetype, but things are looking up.

Night 5:

Turned out I had to work late performing server maintenance tonight, which made it a perfect night for Pokemon. I basically just grinded the crap out of the Water Club until I had several of the staple cards I was looking for. I changed from a pseudo Water Dance deck to a faster Haymaker deck, which ended up not serving me as well as I’d hoped. Thought I’d get the Water Club beat tonight, but it just didn’t happen. Kind of tired of grinding at this point, so I think I’ll try to push through the actual game tomorrow…

Night 6:

Feels like it’s been a while since I was able to get back to this game. It’s really still more of the same, though after several hours of grinding I was finally able to put together a fairly solid Rain Dance deck, and make some actually game progress while I was at it!


Night 7:

Lunch time at the office yields the Fire Gym Club Badge Medal! I’ve added Magikarp and Gyrados to the deck in addition to Blastoise as the only other Pokemon, and it made tearing through the Grass and Electric clubs a breeze. The Grass Club master hasn’t appeared yet, I’m assuming I just need to clear through some more of the game, but I’m standing right in front of the Electric Club master. Unfortunately, work calls.

If the Rain Dance deck ever starts failing, I’ve noticed my Grass and Psychic collections are starting to get pretty impressive. Still waiting on getting more Wigglytuffs though…

Night 8:

More lunch time fun at the office! As expected I’m now tearing through the game with my Rain Dance deck. I only have two more medals to collect which, unfortunately, will take just a bit more time than the others. Fighting needs me to track down some random players while Grass likely requires me to beat Fighting first. I’m trying not to look it up!


Night 9:

Almost there…


Night 10:

Only got a small amount of play time during lunch, but managed to beat two of the Elite 4. Plan on finishing this one tonight!




And it’s over!


After nearly 11 hours I finally managed to put away my first Gameboy game!

Well this one definitely had its ups and downs. As the game was made up entirely of card battle after card battles, and those matches could last anywhere from 2-10 minutes at a time, the monotony set in pretty quickly. That said, after finding the message speed settings, and especially after landing on a deck I really enjoyed playing, the fun picked up quite a bit. Looking back, I probably could have finished a few hours faster, but hey. All in all I found this a great early attempt at porting a physical trading card game to a handheld device!

Play it Again?
Probably! I’m still missing 34 cards and every time I see the game sitting on the shelf, I’ll remember that. As for actually starting a new game, that probably won’t happen any time soon. Frankly if I find myself itching to sling some Pokemon cards, I’ll either pickup the iPad/PC version, or go buy a couple starter decks!

Pokemon Trading Card Game

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